Cash Flow Is Critical In Business. Especially Yours.

It is often necessary to outsource to increase revenue
and decrease costs.

Collect Money Faster

Money loses value
as it ages

Save Overhead Costs

A dedicated 
US-based team

See the Results

Flexible reporting
options available

schedule free consultation

Step 1: Complimentary Practice Consult

Let’s take a look under the hood

Operating and managing a business is hard – things can and will fall through the cracks.


The current process is failing - we can help you understand why


You'll get a full report on what's really outstanding


We'll assess a fair and reasonable timeline for correcting everything

you're the boss

Step 2: You’re The Boss

Let’s work together and decide how much help you need

Not every practice needs 20 hours per week. In fact, you may just need a little help to correct your insurance collections.


Short- or long-term options are available to you


We can train your staff during or after the project is complete


You can rest easy knowing it will get better

you're the boss
watch the money come in

Step 3: Watch The Money Come in

There are always quick wins – we know how to find them.

Our triaged approach works to bring money in within the first 30 days.


You now have a credible and ethical extension of your practice


We work well with your staff and will not be a distraction


Focus on caring for your patients

Better Practice Solutions Works with
General & Specialty Practices


No Minimums


100% Chartless/Paperless


New Practice Purchases


Dentrix/EasyDent Software


Full-Time Practices


New York Offices

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